Focusing on posture, Vicki’s androgynous figures are captured at the edge of movement with a gentle reminiscent humour present in their body language.  

Monoliths and stone circles are evident, a sense of perpetual time and the feeling that something so still can evoke so much power. The figures and faces are composed, timeless, part of a group and yet distant, as if they are hiding behind a persona like an actor on stage.


"I’m always intrigued by shadows or ghost images of a person. When you close your eyes and think of someone, facial features often don’t emerge but their ‘essence/soul’ does."


Vicki took her sculpture degree at City and Guilds of London Art School in the late 1980s where the emphasis was on a classical training in life drawing and sculpture.  She has completed several commissioned bronze portraits.

Vicki’s work has been exhibited in London and the British Isles, as well as further overseas. Group exhibitions include: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Society of Portrait Sculptors FACE; Affordable Art Fair, Battersea; Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries; The Towner, Eastbourne; Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.


In 2019, I will be exhibiting my work at the following locations:

Unveiling the Rudyard Kipling statue — 15th Feb
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (with 4Impressions) — 7th to 9th Mar
Bath Society of Arts Annual Open, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath — 18th May to 29th Jun
Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London — 4th to 14th Jul
RWA 167 Annual Open Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol — 29th Sep to 1st Dec
Cranbrook Art Show, Vestry Hall, Cranbrook — 7th to 9th Nov
ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London — 14th to 24th Nov


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As soon as you find you can do anything, do something you can’t.
— Rudyard Kipling